Founders and Partners

The ESDL Education Design Foundation wishes, through its contributions, to position itself as a scout to inspire the School and encourage a change process.

The ESDL Education Design Foundation was formed around:

– Founding members who have made a capital contribution to the foundation, they define the mission and the main projects of the foundation, manage the budget;
– Associate Members, who have not contributed capital but who provide credibility and expertise to the foundation, and enrich the network.


Les membres fondateurs :


  • Founding Director & Global President – Vizeum
  • Executive Director of Dentsu Aegis Network Brand Board
  • Founder of the Stilts
  • President of the ESDL Education Design Foundation

Born in France in 1967, Thomas Le Thierry d’Ennequin spent most of his childhood abroad, in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Returning to Europe in 1985, he studied Economics and English at the University of Paris X, then joined the Ecole de Commerce et de Management ESCEM, before finishing his training in Canada at the University of Paris. Sherbrook. He is also a graduate of the London School of Business’s Executive Program.


Monsieur Franck BERTRAND

Deputy Chief Executive Officer Crédit Agricole Mutuel d’Aquitaine

Franck BERTRAND was born in 1961.
He has been Deputy Managing Director of Crédit Agricole Mutuel d’Aquitaine since March 2014.
An engineer by training, he graduated from the Institut Supérieur Agricole de Beauvais.


Monsieur Jean-Robert CAZEAUX

President Daudigeos SAS

Jean-Robert CAZEAUX was born in 1953.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Daudigeos SAS, he heads 8 other companies, including the Montois Rugby Stadium. It operates in the building and construction industry.


Thierry Blandinieres

Monsieur Thierry BLANDINIERES

General manager Invivo Group

Thierry BLANDINIERES was born in 1960.
He is the Managing Director of the cooperative group Invivo, founded in 1945, since 2013.
With a successful mission within the group Maïsadour, whose turnover has tripled in 10 years, this sports enthusiast remains particularly attached to the spirit of team and Landes.



Monsieur Laurent LABATUT

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer DRT

Laurent Labatut was born in 1972 in Mont-de-Marsan.
He graduated from HEC in 1994 and holds an MBA from INSEAD in 1999. Since 2005, Laurent Labatut has held the position of Chairman and CEO of DRT, one of the world leaders in the development of rosin and rosin. turpentine extracted from pine resin. It has particularly strengthened the company’s industrial presence abroad.



Monsieur Vincent JACQUEMAIN

SCI Jacquemain

Vincent JACQUEMAIN was born in 1973 in Bayonne.
He is president of the family business “Cafés le Bonifieur” created in 1924 by his great grandfather.
Actor of the family entrepreneurial tradition, he develops with passion the activities of the Jacquemain Group.



Monsieur Jean LAFFONTAN

Manager MBL IJL Développement

Jean Laffontan was born in Lille in November 1957
Maître Imprimeur, graduated from the Institut Saint Luc in Tournai, Belgium, in 1979.
The entrepreneurial fiber pegged to the body, he successfully created and took over 7 companies in the fields of printing, publishing before directing the Manufacture des Bois Landais since 2010. His mandates with associations or trade unions still bring him back to the world of business.




Manageress CAP Immo Entreprise

Hélène Saint Germain was born in 1967.
In 20 years, within the Intermarché Group, she acquired strong skills that encouraged her to found CAP IMMO in 2013.
It helps companies that need experts to set up implementation or marketing files, to analyze the feasibility and potential of their projects.
Animator of an APM Club (Association of Management Progress), the sharing and transmission of the core values of its commitment.


Quitterie DELFOUR

Madame Quitterie DELFOUR

Management Artiga

Quitterie DELFOUR was born in 1961 in Dax.
After studying business and professional experiences in real estate, she chose to focus her career on textiles.
In 1999, she bought a textile company at Magescq, which became the Artiga company – fabrics inspired by original striped Basque fabrics.
Design and creation are essential to the competitiveness of the company.



Monsieur Daniel DESMAREZ,

 Industrial director Navailles SA

Daniel Desmarez was born in …
Engineer graduated in 1982 from the HEI of Lille, he occupies the position of Industrial Director of the company Navailles in Hagetmau.
Sensitive to new trends, it is one of the key elements to propel Navailles to new markets.



Monsieur Guy FEUGAS


Born in 1955 in Peyre (40), Guy Feugas, after solid studies in business management and management control, runs the family business Feugas Constructions Métalliques and gives it a national and international scope. This theater enthusiast, and active actor, finds time to invest in two mandates in the commune of Bas Mauco (40) and with the Réseau Entreprendre Adour. Managing the company Realiz and You “, it accompanies the company heads in the improvement of their managerial performances.



An Executive Committee of 14 Directors brings together representatives of Founders, donor representatives and qualified personalities.

Its role is to identify the Foundation’s projects in relation to the mission it has set itself, to decide on the resources allocated and to validate the financial results of the Foundation.